Today we announced the general availability of our next generation digital commerce platform, ZeyCan.  The new platform empowers brands, retailers, and businesses across B2C and B2B industries to quickly and cost-effectively deliver engaging omnichannel shopping experiences. ZeyCan also offers enhanced performance and scalability,  new features to lease your online store, and business agility and productivity improvements. The new platform also builds on our heritage and offers unmatched flexibility and innovation opportunities to our global ecosystem of partners and retailers.

We Provide based on this powerful platform: ZeyCan Web, ZeyCan App and ZeyCan-Seller App. Our Apps are available in Apple Store and Google Paly.

Open, Flexible For New Market Segmentation

ZeyCan is a sole Freelancers' & SMEs' e-Community adding value for advanced customers needs. ZeyCan inspires customers with a new allocation & collection of unique products as well as services in the marketplace. ZeyCan offers an online stores where you can lease it for a little monthly amount. ZeyCan focuses on a new segment in the market to help users find more diversified products through its astonishing categories with just a Click!

Engaging Shopping Experiences

Creating engaging, seamless and personalized customer experiences across any device is central to the ZeyCan platform. New responsive design reference themes give you a fast way to create stores that supports anytime, anywhere sales. And you can share your products in a more immersive way through integrated video or images. An all-new checkout is easier to customize and further improves conversion rates by minimizing steps and required information. You can also offer convenient, one-click account creation to save customer profiles for future purchases. 

Enhanced Business Agility and Productivity

ZeyCan Platform is also revolutionizing the merchant experience, enabling you to operate more efficiently and handle rapid growth, without scaling up your team. The new Admin/Vendor panel design offers a streamlined, consumer-like interface that saves time when managing day-to-day tasks and is intuitive for new team members to learn. It is also touch-friendly so you can make updates or track sales while on-the-go.

Improved business tools empower you to continuously optimize your operations to drive growth. You can now effortlessly customize and save views in the Admin/Vendor panel to enable quick access to information critical to your business. Setting up new products is also faster, with a step-by-step product creation tool and product import capabilities that are 4x faster than before.

Enterprise-grade Scalability and Performance

The ZeyCan platform has been supercharged to offer over 50% faster page load times across many catalog and checkout pages to help you delight your customers and improve conversion rates. It pre-integrates Varnish to cache page content for faster performance and optimizes code and images for fast loading. Your team will be delighted too, with improved Admin/Vendor performance and support for more concurrent updates. ZeyCan Platform also delivers enterprise-grade scalability and high availability with standalone master databases for key subsystems along with multiple slave databases.

Secure Payments

Additionally, ZeyCan platform comes with tight out-of-the-box integrations with PayPal, Braintree, and payment gateways. ZeyCan also integrates with WorldPay and CyberSource.  All versions provide improved security and the ability to pursue the easiest level of PCI compliance, depending on the selected payment method. But for the time being we're using only COD.


And finally, this modern, modular platform reduces the complexity and cost of maintaining your site and it futureproofs your investment by simplifying upgrades. This means you can easily incorporate innovative functionality as it is released by ZeyCan to drive higher sales and greater efficiency.

Start Exploring Today

There are many ways to learn more about the powerful and innovative ZeyCan e-Commerce platform:

  • To access product information, videos, and images visit the ZeyCan Website or download our Apps.

  • To visit our available stores, you can visit ZeyCanMarketplace.

  • To visit our social media pages, you can visit Facebook or Instagram

  • To know more about us, you can visit ZeyCan About Us.

You can also start using ZeyCan today. Existing/New customers can access it via MyAccount  and for Vendors can access it via MyStore.

Welcome to next-generation of e-commerce! Where You Can Lease Your Online Store! Welcome to ZeyCan